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Art Events 2016

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Accompanying Sala’s exhibition will be paintings by Dee Scott.
Dee’s theme this year is “Windsor’s Sunsets”20160506_161431-1


Saturday Sep 24 and Sunday Sep 25  Noon to 6 p.m.
Prime Studio. 1 – 6 Ward Royal, Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HR


1) Andy Finlay
This is a view from the bank of the Thames at low tide looking across to Blackfriars Bridge.
Painted using only titanium white oil paint onto hand stretched fine linen, it is just the light falling onto the texture of the paint that creates the image. As with all of my white paintings this piece reflects the light of its environment and will change as the light around it changes, different areas will become visible and other will fade, making it subtly ebb and flow.


2) Ayesha Gamiet
Ayesha Gamiet creates her paintings using shell gold, gouache, and handmade pigment watercolours, employing traditional methods and techniques from Ottoman manuscript illumination, and Persian and Indian miniature painting. Rooted in the rich language of Islamic art and the natural world, Ayesha’s work reinterprets traditional forms and motifs for a contemporary context. Ayesha’s travels, studies, and teaching in the Middle East and Asia continue to inform and inspire her work.


3) Jessie Rayat
Oil on Canvas (100x120cm), This painting is a homage to Carravaggio’s use of lighting, dramatising and illuminating an ordinary situation in his paintings. Inspired by a snapshot captured at just the moment when the light and shadow created compelling shapes and patterns.


4) Nadja Daehnke 

Merleau-Ponty writes of how one is always and inescapably called by society: if you walk down a road and a policeman shouts ‘hey you’, your choices are to answer or to pretend not to hear – but either way you are reacting to the call, and are unable to act other than as a reaction to the call. In my work I reflect this inescapable social summons. I am fascinated by language and how it can be used as an imperative; and I am beguiled by history and how it gives us a critical distance that tends to reveal notions of ‘natural, innate social behaviours’ as myth.


5) Rebecca Mendoza
I am a figurative artist working in dry media – pastel, pencil and charcoal and I draw the nude, portraits, still life and, lately, am exploring landscape. Having also worked in architectural glass for many years I am absorbed by the depiction of reflection, transparency and light and the representation of different materials and surfaces ( skin, metal, ceramic, fabrics etc. ) on paper.


6) Tom Neill
Tom Neill is a composer, actor and theatre director, available for music commissions. His most recent work ‘Call of the Bells’ was commissioned by Jelly and Beautiful Creatures, to celebrate the opening of a new arts trail connecting Chatham Place flats to Reading town centre. It premiered in January, outdoors in the Town Hall square and featured a set of Michael Davis chimes, a unique instrument designed and manufactured by their namesake in Nottingham.