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Where are they now in 2015

No Occasion To

We are please to announce that David  Weir, one of our  2011 KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD  finalists has just had his first international performances. His play No Occasion To, about three journalists celebrating an award they won a decade ago, find a mysterious stranger at their party. The play was given four performances by the Hayman Theatre Company in Perth, Australia, in March 2015 , as part of a lunchtime theatre double bill of one-act plays.  The play has now transferred to Sydney.  Good luck David!!

Drama Award 2014

Winning writer Michelle Warwicker with her play “BLOWN APART”

Three winners with bubbly 2014
from L: Katy Walker , Michelle Warwicker (actual winner ) Adam Hughes


Drama Award 2013

Winning writer Monica Spill with her play “SOLITUDE”

Three winners with folders2013
from L: Jackie Carreira, Monica Spill (actual winner) Vivienne Allen

Drama Award 2012

Winning writer Chris Doran with his play “HOUSE”

three winners 2012
from L: Jackie Carreira, Chris Doran (actual winner ) Elaine Setohy

Drama Award 2011

Winning writer Tina Jay with her play “WALKING”

3 writers with bubbly
from L: Tina Jay (actual Winner) Peter Harrison, David Gerard Weir


Drama Award 2010

Winning writer Jan Perry with her script “ CLICK”
winner for 2010 Jan Perry
Jan Perry (actual  winner ) receiving cheque from Ruth Taylor (Marriott)

Drama Award 2009

Winning writer Kathleen Kiley with her play “MR. PERCY & KING LEAR”3 winners with bubbly 2009
from L: Peter Harrison, Kathleen Kiley (actual winner) Rick Perrins


Drama Award 2008

Winning writer Suzy Clement with her play “FAIRYLIGHTS”3 winners 2008
from L: Rupert Haigh, Suzy Clements (actual winner ) Andy Gittins

Drama Award 2007

Winning Writer Simon Lynn with his play “THE LAST LAUGH”

Winner for 2007 given cheque by Marriott
on right: Simon Lyn (winner )   receiving cheque from Stuart Conry  Marriott

Drama Award 2006

Winning Writer Richard Roques with his play “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR”

Winner for 2006 Richard Roques
Richard Roques (actual  winner) receiving cheque from Stuart Conry  Marriott

Drama Award 2005

Winning Writer Richard Shore with his play “THE CRITIC”

3 winners with Nell Dunn 2005
Debbie Giggle, Nell Dunn (judge) Vicky Donoghue, Richard Shore ( actual winner)

Drama Award 2004

Winning writer Martin Duckworth with his play “LATE”

Hilary Mantel with cast 2004
Hilary Mantel (judge) Huwel Evans (cast) Martin Duckworth ( actual winner )Warwick  Evans (cast)
Stuart Conry (Marriott.)