Drama Writing Awards 2018


We are pleased to announce the three winning scripts received from 301 submissions received from 24 countries and evaluated anonymously by our 45 readers and the short-list of ten by our two judges, Joan Lane & Pete Gallagher.

'The Claykickers Chorus'          Kevin McMahon (Manchester) 

'CUT AND PASTE'                      Jeff Nolan (London) 

'Waiting for Hamlet'                 David Visick (W. Sussex) 

The other short-listed ;

‘The Good Daughters’ by Callie Cooper,’

'Shards’ by John Barron,

‘Let them Eat Cake’ by Marjorie H Morgan,

‘’The Final Act of Gratitude’ by Sally Merriott, 

‘Aspects of Betrayal’ by David Pollard, 

‘Sunflowers’ by Eilish Mullane  

‘An Agreeable Arrangement’ by Suzanne Ellison. 

All three plays will be performed nightly during the Fringe Festival on October the 4/5/6th at The Old Court Windsor, when the overall winner of the £500 prize, will be announced at the Awards Ceremony after the last performance.

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Three Directors 2018

Three Winning Writers 2018


It was a privilege to read, assess and judge the ten short-listed scripts for the inspirational ‘WINDSOR FRINGE KENNETH BRANAGH AWARD 2018’ The standard of writing was high, making the process a joy. The fact that the entries this year came from 24 different countries, shows how prestigious the Award is deemed to be. Whilst mankind shares physical features, individual imagination cannot be matched. The ingenuity of each writer was exciting to discover and the entertaining story-telling was of an extraordinary high standard. Congratulations to the winners and to the many runners-up, we hope you will continue to be inspired.


SHORT LIST (with writers & readers) 2018 

205 THE CLAYKICKERS’CHORUS by Kevin McMahon ( Manchester) & read by Patricia Buck, Jo Curran & Denis Hanrahan. 

66 THE GOOD DAUGHTERS by Callie Cooper (Glos) & read by Annie Keene, Jan Trewartha & Anthony Garrick. 

220 Let Them Eat Cake by Marjorie H Morgan (Liverpool) & read by Gillian Horrocks Taylor, Jan Trewartha & Anthony Garrick. 

32 Waiting for Hamlet by David Visick (W. Sussex) &read by Jane Snell, Edna Thomas & John and Emma Bruce. 

31 CUT AND PASTE by Jeff Nolan (London) & read by Jane Snell, Edna Thomas & John and Emma Bruce. 

248 Shards by John Barron (W. London ) & read by Ian Sewell, Edna Thomas & John and Emma Bruce. 

257 The Final Act of Gratitude by Sally Merriott ( Brighton ) & read by Mickey Lamb , Tony Gooch & Denis Hanrahan. 

283 ASPECTS OF BETRAYAL. by David Pollard (Hereford) & read by Barbara King, Cynthia Greenwood & Anthony Garrick. 

171 SUNFLOWERS by Eilish Mullane (Suffolk) & read by Johnnie Wade, Ian Sewell, Peter de Wulf & John and Emma Bruce. 

102 An Agreeable Arrangement by Suzanne Ellison (N. Yorks.) & read by Caroline Alexander , Dee Scott & Denis Hanrahan .

LONG LIST (with writers & readers) 2018 

247 'Half me, Half you' by Liane Grant & read by Ian Sewell & Jan Trewartha.

205 THE 'CLAYKICKERS’ CHORUS'  by Kevin McMahon (Manchester) & read by Patricia Buck & jo Curran. 

66 'THE GOOD DAUGHTERS' by Callie Cooper (Glos) & read by Annie Keene & Jan Trewartha.        

225 'PIER PRESSURE' by Geoff Madle (Kent) & read by Nic Neale & Jo Curran.  

220 'Let Them Eat Cake' by Marjoie H Morgan (Liverpool) & read by Gillian Horrocks Taylor & Jan Trewartha.  

149 'Splendid Slippers' by Jayne Morley (Brighton) & read by Ingrid Barnes & Jo Curran.                                                               

108 'THE KAMIKAZE BOYS' by Tamiko Dooley & read by Caroline Alexander & Julie Cracknell.                 

183 'POPPY' by Pauline Radley (Suffolk) & read by Brenda Connolly & Julie Cracknell.    

32 'Waiting for Hamlet' by David Visick (UK) &read by Jane Snell & Edna Thomas. 

259 'A SCALPING' by Tom Bruce & read by Mickey Lamb & Lorna Pearson Hall.   

31 'CUT AND PASTE' by Jeff Nolan (London) & read by Jane Snell & Edna Thomas.                       

248 'Shards' by John Barron & read by Ian Sewell & Edna Thomas. 

257 'The Final Act of Gratitude' by Sally Merriott (Brighton) & read by Mickey Lamb & Tony Gooch. 

192 'Boomer Busters' by Andy Durham (Suffolk) & read by Doug Scott & Tony Gooch, 

201 'RED KITE' by Matthew Kirton (Liverpool) & read by Patricia Buck, Ian Sewell & Tony Gooch.   

204 'CURE FOR LOVE' by Stuart Smithers (W. Sussex) & read by Patricia Buck & Annie Starkey.  

127 'YOU TOO' by Elizabeth Bolton (London) & read by Crispin Elliott, Ian Sewell & Annie Starkey.  

90 'WE ARE THE MULTITUDES' by Laura Harper (Manchester) & read by Mary Simpson & Lorna Pearson Hall. 

283 'ASPECTS OF A BETRAYAL' by David Pollard (Hereford) & read by Barbara King & Cyntha Greenwood. 

266 'BARK' by Stephanie Dickson (London) & read by Mickey Lamb & Lorna Pearson Hall.  

76 'A BREAK AWAY' by Andrew Turner (Lanc) & read by Anne Yarwood & Cynthia Greenwood. 

244 'ROCK AND CHIPS' by David Weir (London) & read by Johnnie Wade & Peter de Wulf. 

171 'SUNFLOWERS' by Eilish Mullane read by Johnnie Wade, Ian Sewell & Peter de Wulf. 

48 'The Maternity Monologues' by Catherine Higgins-Moore & read by Jan Wild & Peter de Wulf. 

60 'A FLAT PACK RESOLUTION' by John Hill (Surrey) & read by Lyn Ross & Dee Scott. 

29 'SHOT IN THE DARK' by Jonathan Hodge (Essex) & read by David Humphrey & Dee Scott. 

102 'An Agreeable Arrangement' by Suzanne Ellison (N. Yorks.) & read by Caroline Alexander & Dee Scott. 

222 'Rotten' by Phil Ball read by Nic Neale, Edna Thomas & Sara Howells. 

277 'THESPIS' by Phil Darg (USA) read by Barbara King & Sara Howells.                  

70 'The Birth of Belinda Parr' by Ron Meldon (Wales) & read by Annie Keene & Sara Howells. 

136 'Loose Ends & Cast-offs' by Lesley Ure (Yorks) & read by Jenny Griffin & Sue Sue Freeman Pask. 

96 'MINIBEASTS' by Simon James (Cheshire) & read by Trish Longworth & Sue Freeman Pask. 

256 'YOU Decide' by Linda Burr read by Mickey Lamb & Sue Freeman Pask.


45 readers and our two judges evaluated anonymously the 301 scripts received from 24 countries: Lebanon, USA, Eire, Norway, Australia, Israel, England, Italy, India, Russia, Netherlands, N. Ireland, Sweden, France, Malaysia, Wales, Colombia, Greece, S. Africa, Spain, Scotland, Pakistan, Thailand and Hungary.

It was their chance to meet, talk about the plays and finally be able to put names to the scripts. TENSION MOUNTED as the three winners, just received from our judges, were announced!

The readers for 2018 are pictured above.

Congratulations to our writer 

David Gerard Weir

No Occasion To (finalist in 2011) has since been performed in Perth, Australia. It’s published by Lazy Bee. 

Lions of England (2012 shortlist) has been performed at Arundel, Southend, Bedford and in Powys, as well as being in the final of the Festival of European Anglophone Theatre, at Lucerne and Antwerp in May this year. It is published by Stagescripts Ltd. 

Sins of the Fathers (2013 Longlist) was performed at the Sterts Festival in 2016. 

The Way to a Man’s Heart (shortlist 2015) was performed at the London Short Play Festival in 2016, and is published by Lazy Bee. 

Confessional (shortlist 2016) was performed at the Oran Mor, Glasgow, last year, and in Orkney this year, before winning the 87th SCDA Scottish One-Act Play Festival prize for Best Depiction of Scottish Life and Character in April. 

Sheep for a Lamb (shortlist 2017).


Pete Gallagher 

Actor, Director, Writer

Director: House of Gulliver Ltd

Pete has directed dozens of productions - drama, musicals, comedies and variety - including the award nominated UK tour of SPRING AWAKENING and critically acclaimed gothic punk A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM in Chelsea. At the age of 25, he took charge of the legendary Corona Academy in London and has since been Director of Musical Theatre or Head of Drama in others. He was a director of Miscellany Theatre Co. and co-founded GAJIT, a theatre master-class company.

As a director in two of our Drama Awards, he immediately picked out the two that unbeknown to him, had been already been chosen the winners! Pete was also a very successful judge alongside Fay Weldon CBE for our Award in 2013 and Sarah Wolf of Samuel French Ltd. in 2015.  

Directing Credits: 

A TEENAGE OPERA – Ambassadors Lounge, BACHELOR GIRLS – Plymouth & Weston-Super-Mare, CHASING THE DREAM – Britain’s Got Talent, ITV, SPRING AWAKENING - UK tour (Nominated Best Musical Production 2012), PIECES OF STRING – Park Theatre, THE HOMEFRONT – Union Theatre, GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Shaw Theatre, THE BROTHERS LIONHEART & MISSING MEL - Edinburgh Festival, NEWLEY: The Fool who Dared to Dream – Highgate, LUCKY STIFF, CABARET & GODSPELL – GSA, MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG & PRIVATE LIVES – Arts Ed, London and many others. 

Resident drama coach on Any Dream Will Do for BBC1 training aspiring Josephs in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s TV talent show, as well as coaching on Strictly Come Dancing and Sky TV’s Gladiators. 

Theatre: Jesus Christ Superstar (West End, Arena Tour and 2 films), A Winter’s Tale, The Fix, Moonlight & Magnolias, Pirates of Penzance, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Betrayal, Guys & Dolls, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Dr Dolittle, The Rocky Horror Show, The Mystery Plays, Buddy, Fields Of Ambrosia, Frankenstein, Up On The Roof, Lautrec, and many others. 

Writing: A Teenage Opera, Fanny Hill, Feelin’ Good -The Anthony Newley Story, Chasing The Dream & Face2Face with Danny Davies, The Cryptic Lines & The Brothers Lionheart with Richard Storry, The Black Book & The One with Simon Henderson, and solo projects Gribblum Tales, The Christmas Shop, Tongues & What Goes Around. 

Joan Lane 

Wild Thyme Productions Ltd

Joan is known for having developed the film ‘The King’s Speech’, directed by Tom Hooper, starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, having discovered the then unknown author David Seidler. and adapted it from his stage play. Currently, she is working with new writers on two films and three new TV series. She has also developed a screenplay from a radio play and has been commissioned to write a screenplay based on a true story.

Joan has worked in arts management and production for 30 years. We welcome her “on board” and we’re very fortunate to have her as a judge. 

She trained as a Speech and Language Therapist, with a background as a music scholar and has also worked as a vocal consultant. 

Her varied work in music, film and television expose Joan to scripts and screenplays. With a background of language, Joan began to work with and edit writer’s work/ scripts. She now spends most of her working hours doing just that. Currently four TV series on which she has worked with first time writers are under consideration and three films are expected to go into production in 2018. 

Her company, Wild Thyme Productions, has toured six innovative productions of Shakespeare’s plays in the UK and Germany and mounted world premiere showcases and readings of new plays and musicals in London. She is a member of Musical Theatre Network UK, concerned with the writing of new musicals, and a member of the British Shakespeare Association. 

Primarily engaged as a Consultant by the BBC, Joan’s skills were used for the recording, filming and Royal Opera House performance of ‘The Little Prince’. She was a director for BBC Radio Two and BBC Television’s New Talent UK-wide search for the ‘Voice of Musical Theatre’, involved with background music for the film ‘The Actors’, coordinated the participation of singing Angels for Stephen Fry’s directorial film debut ‘Bright Young Things’ and worked on the BBC’s Promenade Concert/Opera ‘The Water Diviner’s Tale’. As well as touring with her own company, Joan has worked on several plays at the National Theatre and toured plays with ATG and Pleasance Theatre. She recommends scripts to Russian translator colleagues and two plays were produced in Russia recently.

The company’s latest venture: ‘HAPPY WARRIOR, a new play from a 91 year-old first time playwright, runs at ‘Upstairs at The Gatehouse’ until April 22nd. 


In our 15th year, we're excited to receive 301 scripts from 24 countries and thank all our writers from:

USA, Norway, Australia, Lebanon, Eire, Israel,Colombia, Netherlands, Wales, Italy, Hungary, India, Sweden, England, France, Malaysia, N. Ireland, Greece, S. Africa, Spain, Scotland, Russia, Thailand & Pakistan. All are now with our readers in the 1st. round of our Award.

Invitation to apply for the 2018 award

Amateur playwrights world-wide are invited to submit unpublished one-act plays for:

The Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award.

Three winning scripts will be selected for fully staged performances during the Fringe Festival in October. One of the three scripts will be chosen for the £500 prize, judged on the writing only. Submission deadline March 5th 2018


Only amateur playwrights are eligible and only one script per author will be accepted. Each script must be an original work and not have been previously published or performed.


Each play must be no more than 30 minutes long, have a cast of no more than six actors, and be suitable for staging in a studio theatre.

Submission guidelines

So that each script may be judged anonymously, the author’s name must appear on the cover page only, not in the script. Writers should submit two copies of their plays, printed on one side only of A4 paper with no binding or stapling. Pages must be numbered. No submissions will be accepted by email; and no scripts will be returned. The cover page must show the name of the play and the author’s name, contact details and signature. A £10 reading fee will be charged per entry. Please make cheques payable to Windsor Festival Fringe Scripts should be sent together with the reading fee to:

Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award. Suite 640, 24-28 St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berks. SL4 3BB. U.K.

If you prefer you can pay by Paypal, click on the link below.

Selection process

Scripts will be evaluated by readers and the final nine short list by our two judges.(to be confirmed.) The three winning writers will be notified by the middle of June 2018. Results of the competition will be announced through the media, the Windsor Fringe web//Twitter// Facebook sites and the winner of the £500 award will be announced after the last night performance.

For additional info: tel: 07771 757678 e-mail: [email protected]