Christine Richards

Christine works in a variety of media: acrylic painting, mixed media, painting with wool,

and up cycling of torso and heads. Her most recent work is laid out here.

Me with some of my work
Orange Buddha
Your Planet Needs You!
Aerial Cove View
Miss Picasso

I am an ex art teacher in the fortunate position of exploring creative ideas.

I have always loved colour, initially painting with acrylics and then experimenting with different media. Currently I particularly enjoy painting with merino wool. This venture started in earnest during lockdown, I appreciated the use of needles as an outlet for frustration at the ongoing situation we all find ourselves in.

I also found myself with a number of polystyrene heads and torsos. Mannequins and now womanquins continue to fascinate me. I up - cycle these torsos and polystyrene heads using books, magazines and comics.

Instagram:    chris_creations7

[email protected]