Amateur playwrights world-wide are invited to submit unpublished one-act plays. Three winning scripts will be selected for fully staged performances during the Fringe Festival in October. This year, due to Covid, we filmed them on-line. One of the three scripts will be chosen for the £500 prize, judged purely on the writing. Submission deadline is March 5th 2021.



Only amateur playwrights* are eligible and only one script per author accepted. Each script must be an original work and not previously published or performed.



Each play is to be between 25-35 minutes in length* (although one or two minutes either side is acceptable), to have a cast of no more than six actors, and be suitable for staging in a studio theatre. Plays outside these limits will not be eligible, so please check before submitting.


Submission guidelines

So that each script may be judged anonymously, ONLY the cover page must show the title, author’s name and contact details and this page is removed before the script is given to the readers. The rest of the document should just contain the play’s title and script. Equally, the electronic submission should be in two separate files – the cover sheet plus the main script*. Please also ensure that a full cast list is included with the play.


Submission /fee

Two hard copies are to be submitted to the address below, printed on one side only on A4 or US letter paper* with no binding or stapling. Pages must be numbers & one digital copy e-mails to [email protected] by the deadline date and an automatic email reply will be sent confirming receipt. No scripts will be returned. £10 submission fee. The paper scripts should be set to:

Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award

Suite 640 24-28 St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berks. SL4 3BB U.K.


Cheques are payable to Windsor Fringe Festival. Payment can also be made via PayPal by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Items above marked with an * and other frequently asked questions are covered in detail in a separate document PDF document… please ensure these are reviewed… follow link…

Selection process

Scripts are evaluated by readers and the final short list by our two judges. The three finalists will be notified by mid-June 2021. Results will be announced via the Windsor Fringe website, social media and sites advertised on. The winner of the £500 award (judgers mid-June and held in a sealed enveloped) will be announced at the Awards Ceremony after the final performance.


Any queries, telephone 07771 757678 or email [email protected] … please note that any emails should include the word ‘branagh’ to isolate them from the enormous amount of SPAM mail received at this address. Otherwise they may not be logged/recorded.

Submission Fee

Please follow the PayPal link below to pay your £10.00 submission fee.