Virtual Artists Open House 2021

When considering whether to arrange a face to face Open House early in the year, it seemed foolhardy to put on an event that relied on inviting unknown strangers into a personal indoor space setting with a pandemic still swirling. It seemed best to err on the side of caution. In the event who knows whether this remains the sensible option? To keep the flame alive you will find laid out here contributions from artists who have continued to work through the vagaries of quarantine, masks, social distancing, vaccinations and periods of relative freedom.

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David is a designer, an artist and a teacher of art. He works in a wide range of genres including sketches of local scenes and exhibition work.

Email:  [email protected]


Originally from a printed textile background I have created my own journey into painting starting with murals of the Jungle Book in the children's bedroom to paintings of contempory florals and then commissioned animal pet portraits. 

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Christine works in a variety of media : acrylic painting, mixed media, painting with wool, and up cycling of torso and heads. Her most recent work is laid out here.

Instagram:    chris_creations7

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Artist and Printmaker

Screenprints celebrating heroes and villains, travels near and far, with the odd smidgin of humour.


Ania is a portrait and figurative artist who works in acrylics and oil. She is motivated by everyday people who inspire her.


Paintings on silk using different media and scarves shade dyed in vivid colours.


This art is by members of the Windsor Artists Collective, who are a group of experienced and highly productive contemporary artists from Windsor and nearby

More art and contact details can be found on the Artists’ Gallery Pages at


The Virtual Artists Open Houses is presented in conjunction with Windsor Festival.